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Children are very delicate subjects and especially when the parents are not in good terms and being cooperative. Child support law deals with matters concerning children and their welfare. It also fosters the legal obligation of non-custodial guardians/parents to contribute financially in order to support the child/children.

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Miami Child

Support Lawyers

Child support or maintenance is simply an ongoing periodic payment which is made by a parent for supporting the child. The payment is either done directly or indirectly to the obligee to cater to the child’s needs be it education, shelter, food, or even medical services.

Both parties should oblige and to honor the court order or else face a serious law that is specifically there to protect children. Our lawyers are well informed with children’s law thus in case of any child support issues, for separated or divorced parents we can always step in and ensure justice prevails for the child.

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Miami Child Support Lawyers

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Child Support Attorneys Miami

Just like any other government agency, there are a lot of rules and regulations to be followed in child support court. Our lawyers have gone through the best law schools and with this, we understand anything pertaining children law and the child support process.

So if you are trying to chase down your spouse to contribute in supporting your child you really need a Miami¬†child support lawyer for legal assistance. We understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to this process, we fight the battle for you and speed up things by filling the paperwork correctly since a single miss can cause a huge delay of the process.

Why Hire a Miami Child Support Lawyer?


When it comes to child support conflicts arise since some people don’t like responsibilities. The discussion of duties vs. rights mostly doesn’t get down so well for it initiates never-ending conflicts that can lead to fights. Prevent your partner from getting away with his/her duties by using the rightful method and avoiding confrontations.

Our duty is to make sure everyone plays his/her role equally depending on the income of the parent not leaving out wages, commission, overtime money and bonuses. You do not have to keep on reminding your partner to honor the contribution since there are consequences for that.

We make sure there is a payment schedule and in case one fails to follow the schedule you should inform us or else face the consequences.

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Even if you are not an expert in family law especially matters concerning child support law worry not since your lawyer is. We can help your child in acquiring his/her rights of support from both parents without you having to go through the stressful process.

Having an experienced lawyer working on your behalf is the way to go for making sure that your child’s interests are being served well. If you are in need of a child support lawyer in Miami come to us, we will ensure your child is fed, clothed, medical bills catered for and also there is a roof on top of his/her head.